You’ve got to be worth it.


When a client signs up with me, I send them a bit of prep work. One thing I ask for are ‘before' photos. ‘Before' photos are helpful when you run an online program, because to put it simply 80 kgs for one person, can be a totally different 80 kgs for someone else.

Clients vary in height, muscle mass, bone mass and so on. It is quite common, no lets say it’s too common, that when clients send me their ‘before’ pictures, it’s often coupled with a rather degrading judgement about themselves. Clients label themselves as ‘disgusting’ or ‘yuck’ etc and I think It’s a sad state of affairs when we judge ourselves so harshly. Would you use those labels to describe a friend? A family member? Even a complete stranger?

What I try to reiterate to all my clients is ‘you’ve got to be worth it’.

You’re about to embark on a lifestyle transformation.

You’re going to try and rid yourself of bad habits and you’re going to try to build new ones.

You’re going to find yourself feeling moments of hunger and you’re going to push yourself to exercise when you don’t really feel like it.

So ask yourself this, how much effort will you put in if you don’t really like yourself?

When the going gets tough, will you be worth it?

We need to give ourselves more credit. We need to acknowledge the vessel: our body. Your body has carried you everywhere you’ve needed to be. Your body may have carried a tiny human; it may have taken you to and from work each day. Climbed mountains, swum in streams, jumped from airplanes, gifted you with so much.

Recognise that your body deserves nourishment with good food. Your body deserves to be moved in a way that improves health and longevity. Your body deserves to be rested appropriately.

Don’t exercise to punish your body for carrying a few extra kilos. Reward it with moving in a way it was truly designed for.

Don’t diet as a form of punishment. Reward it with wholesome quality fuel.

The actionable steps you take will often be the same ones. But the reasons as to why you take them will be longer lasting, more fulfilling, if you do them for all the right reasons.